Charity Fashion Show by ELLA


Charity Fashion Show is the first networking organization of its kind, dedicated towards bringing the San Diego community together to help those needing it most.

The concept was created by ELLA PR & Marketing C.E.O Vanessa Fernandez & is based on her business philosophy of giving back to the community. This is the guiding principle behind our business model and has been synonymous with our continued growth & success.

We host our charity fashion show on a monthly basis at some of the most popular venues all over San Diego. The event brings together top fashion professionals, designers, models, industry & business leaders, organizations & multiple press outlets to support a community cause. Event proceeds benefit a variety of non-profit organizations such as ICCF & the San Diego Media Art Center.

Charity Fashion Show has become an immediate sensation - a monthly event that celebrates the spirit of community, love and giving. As we give back & help empower our community; we’re establishing more than just long-term business partners, but life-long friends.

These are the philosophies of the Charity Fashion Show concept. It is our way of giving back & bringing the San Diego community together to help those that need it most. If you are interested in supporting Charity Fashion Show, visit

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