We offer you integrated & cohesive campaigns for your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Linked In accounts. We help you set up scheduled & strategic content posts to engage social networks and capture on-line leads. Our design team can help you create meaningful content such as; videos, info-graphics, pictures, etc. We can assist with set-up and maintenance of multiple social network accounts and profile settings, as well as campaign tracking and R.O.I.

Content Review and Optimization: $50

(Web-site + viral content review and full analysis)

Social Media Consultancy & Supervision: $75 / per campaign

(Remote follow-up, supervision & consultancy)

Social Media Setup & Optimization: $350

(FB, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, YouTube)

Social Media Training: $150

(3 hours of training up to 5 trainees)

Standard Viral Marketing Campaigns: $400

(Includes info-graphic, 30 second video, competition, iteration)

Advanced Viral Marketing Campaigns: $800

(Includes info-graphic, extended video, competition, written campaign content, iteration)

Facebook Pay-per Click Campaign:

Facebook advertising budgets, estimated traffic, estimated conversion:
$ 1200: 17,000 visits, Estimated Conversion Rate: + 5,000 likes
$ 2000: 28,000 visits, Estimated Conversion Rate: +10,000 likes
$ 3000: 42,000 visits, Estimated Conversion Rate: + 20,000 likes

(1-month time frame minimum before start of campaign)

Viral Campaign Planning and Process


Trends Research/Analysis

Industry relevant trends research & analysis is usually the starting point for all of our campaigns. This includes; internet research and data mining, talking with clients/members/affiliates, reading publications and research reports, etc. Trends are then used to formalize ideas and theme concepts that will appeal to your following (identifying and acting on consumer behavior and trends, as well as identifying potential market opportunities for business growth)

Approach and Life-cycle

We draw a brand life cycle around each campaign and then identify the platform that the brand should be iterated on for each life cycle. The platform should take into consideration the brand objectives with business objectives to develop an oriented brand culture.

Phase 1:

  • Revamping current multi-media content to align with new brand evolution.
  • Identifying the potential platforms to make the right decision about which segments to target, and what type of engagement and communication medians we should use.

Phase 2:

  • Build the brand's competitive edge and selecting the best positioning platform for the brand to be reiterated. We then prepare the start point for both on line and off line median channels
  • Studying local and global trends and capitalizing on brand defining market opportunities according to the resources available
  • Finding the positioning, essence, tone of voice, character and architect of the brand

Phase 3:

  • Formulating the viral marketing strategy and schedule of campaign events.

Phase 4:

  • Activation of our multi-media campaign by identifying points of primary target presence and selection of material and message that will generate loyalty and funds, as well as using messages that will suit their priorities and have the relevancy of their interests
  • Ensuring brand tone of voice communicated properly to the audience and monitoring marketing campaign ROI, audience reached and depth of branding, etc.


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